A spiritual athlete

By Charla Misse

I have been thinking about the many parallels between physical training and spiritual training:

            • By starting small and working up to greater goals, we get stronger, go faster and reach higher.
            • Through persistence, we develop good habits and find ourselves conditioned for even unexpected challenges.
            • At times when we are injured or our schedules are disrupted, we have to remind ourselves to start again and to be patient, realizing that it will take time to return to a previous level of fitness

Today, I am starting small again – and I am surrendering. I see that, if I react harshly or negatively to small inconveniences, I will easily be trampled, at times, when I face great spiritual challenge.


Lord, let me surrender to you in small things so that I may surrender to you in all things. 

Please allow me to use every small opportunity as training for greater battles. Let me praise you and thank you for these opportunities to get stronger, go faster, and reach higher. 

My Lord, I trust in You. 


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