Best road to take: model Jesus

By Michelle Macicek

“Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

These are the words that Jesus first speaks while hanging on the cross. I was reminded of this during our parochial vicar’s homily this past weekend, and I found myself wondering how in the unfair, undeserving agony he was in he could show this beautiful mercy for all of us. This was not just spoken for those present who were against him, torchering and ridiculing him. These words were spoken for you and I.

These first words spoken years and years ago also remind me that God’s mercy has no expiration date. This simple, yet super powerful truth is now on the forefront of my mind as we enter into Lent. Receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday begins this reminder of what we prepare for during the Lenten season … this unfathomable, undeserving mercy from him.

As a mother, I am pondering how I show my children this type of mercy. As a wife, I am pondering how I show my husband this mercy. And, as a daughter of God, I am pondering how I show others this mercy.

There are many obstacles that get in the way of modeling Jesus’ mercy: lack of patience, pride, laziness, judgment and selfishness to name a few. However; the real barrier is being disconnected with the model of this mercy … JESUS.

Being in communion and close relationship with Jesus allows us to fix our eyes and hearts on the way we are to live and love. It allows us to fully recognize the mercy we are given and to give that to others.

I pray that I have the conviction to completely empty myself of the things keeping me from deepening my relationship with Jesus this Lent. I pray that I can remember daily the mercy given to me and that I am able to show that to others.

Thank you Jesus for these words spoken for us, “Father forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

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