The Gift of Water

By Ana Borden

Water is a gift from God. It nourishes us not only physically but spiritually, as we experience, for example, in the sacrament of Baptism.

For a 5-year-old, it also has an opportunity to create adventures, imagination and joy. Our youngest always seems to find every puddle along our path and ensures to jump into anyone he can while creating the biggest splash. He usually gets wet from his knees down and sometimes sprinkles bystanders in the process. It is always followed with the biggest smile.

Despite drenching his socks and shoes, which most would say would be very uncomfortable, he never ever complains or asks for help getting dry. His jovial and go-with-the-flow nature is contagious, and he never misses out on an opportunity to create his own happiness even if it means getting wet.

I realize some might say it’s mischievous but, to me, I see happiness. His desire to explore, find joy in the aftermath of what some call an inconvenience, like rain, is a lesson adults can learn from creating moments of happiness following inconveniences.

Where else do you see joy in water?

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