Little Faith-Filled Celebrations

By Gina Sternfels

“The one who is faithful in a very little thing is also faithful in much; and the one who is unrighteous in a very little thing is also unrighteous in much” Luke 16:10.

Through our years of autism struggles, I have learned to find little celebrations each day!  As a parent, it helps me be in a better place and look for little things that are worth noticing myself. Doing this, helps strengthen my faith and be a better parent.  It is too easy to concentrate on all the stresses of daily life and the world.

My son, Ivan, often is my best teacher! Children typically learn new skills by watching other children or their siblings. Having developmental delays means parents or therapists need to teach motor skills, speech or other milestones by breaking the skill down into multiple small steps.

This year for Mardi Gras, I was able to see these little things and celebrate what Ivan has learned over the years. I am excited to say we went to two parades this year. No need to rush like before; he was content.  At the first parade, he held his beads in his pockets, which he had never done before. By Mardi Gras, he wore them around his neck throughout THE. ENTIRE. PARADE. The steps to get to him here have been the progress over the years, and it fills me with hope. Each step forward for him is a strengthening of our family’s faith.

God has been there guiding us in the small faith-filled moments that we chose to start celebrating. It leads us to the crucial decisions and directions of parenting and teaching him.

Take the time to notice the small little things God is gifting you each day.

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