Re-energizing the Spark

By Ty Salvant

How do you invest in your marriage? Over the past few years, the emphasis on self-care has increased enough for us to know we need it, even if we are not making time for it. However, I do not recall as much focus on nurturing marriages.

Contrary to popular belief, strong marriages do not just happen. Happy couples are not lucky. Marriage is not easy. Husbands and wives in healthy relationships invest their time, talent and treasure into their relationship to strengthen their marriages.

Many parents shift their focus from their marriage to their children as they arrive. While it is natural, healthy and vital to care for and meet your child’s needs, it cannot be to the exclusion of our spouse’s needs. As precious as our children are, our primary relationship and responsibility is to and for our spouse.

One way to frame this concept is that we are teaching our children how to be married. They are learning from us how to interact, love, negotiate, resolve conflict, manage household chores, juggle activities, divide responsibility, pray, grieve and support their spouse – all of which are necessary for a healthy relationship. As parents, it is our responsibility to invest in our marriages and model healthy relationships for our children.

World Marriage week is Feb. 7-14. Join us this month for an opportunity to fortify your marriage! The graphic above gives a list of 15 ways to strengthen your relationship. Can you complete all 15 this month?

So far, Derrick and I had an opportunity to learn about the canonization process and the status of Sister Thea Bowman cause.

We made time to listen to the “Small Things Often” podcast. Filled with practical and meaningful tips presented in five minutes or less, it is one of our favorite podcasts!

Anxiously awaiting a fun date night with friends next week, we will visit a new restaurant before going to hear one of my favorite local artists, Robin Barnes.


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