Placed In Path For Each Other

By Gina Sternfels

We often hear that God places people in our paths. I have had experiences where I come to see this is true. I believe it’s God in divine action for us.

I have been the recipient of that gift on many occasions, often after Mass. I have been approached by individuals who thank my family for being there.

I am highly touched when it happens. I still remember the first time, because I was so surprised by it.  I also remember that day as being a challenge for Ivan, my son with autism.

As much as I know I have people in my path, positive experiences like mine make me realize that you and I also get to be that light for others. It still amazes me that having Ivan at Mass has touched others in some way. It has been a gift to see their perspective when they come to share.

The most recent time was beautiful. A sweet lady told me she and her mother were touched watching him in Mass. She had just moved to the area, and this was her first Mass at our church, her new parish.  She knew he was there to remind her of her deceased brother who was blind and had autism. It was so comforting to her and her mother. Ivan simply told her hi, and I could see how much it meant to her.

Her coming to share her special moment blesses my family. We are all instruments in God’s hands for each other.

Situations like this constantly happen in the world around us. God can make things good for us, and we can even get a glimpse of his handiwork, especially when we step out in faith to share it with each other.

Do you see God speaking to you through others? Is God calling you to step out in your faith and share it when it happens? I know firsthand you will bless that person if you do.

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