Actions Speak Louder than Words

By Ana Borden

Every Sunday, we attend Mass as a family. My husband leads us into a pew and steps to the side as we each enter. As we leave the pew to receive Holy Communion as a family, once again he steps to the side and allows each of us to go before him. It is instinctual, natural and a pure moment where he communicates to us, by actions, his respect and love for us, putting us before himself.

The pandemic has brought numerous challenges for young families. The daily and often hourly uncertainty has been an additional stress I often hear and empathize with during the last two years. Time seems to slip away quicker between processing and juggling the latest protocols while trying to create a consistent environment for our children to thrive and being a support system for extended family members.

It is certainly a season of life with additional stresses beyond our control where other relationships, daily and work responsibilities may take precedence before marriage and our one-on-one nuclear family relationships.

It is more critical than ever that we focus on God’s presence during everyday moments of love and respect in our marriage and relationships with our children to overcome the current challenging environment and to prevent Satan from creeping into our lives in distractions.

What simple actions do your loved ones show you and your family to remind you of God’s presence?


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