New Year Hope

By Kristy Solis

The new year has begun! What do you look forward to in a new year? What does your family look forward to in a new year?

My children said “peace” and “turtles.” My youngest daughter is obsessed with turtles. Yet, turtles have been known to symbolize peace. Sounds good to me. May the new year bring a new hope of peace.

As a family, we count new beginnings as the greatest blessing of our lives. The new year always brings new beginnings, but I have learned, you must be open to it.

Current events of the continuing pandemic are blurring present day life. We are so inundated with the media and everyday life of it that we are losing perspective of peace.

God reminds us that life is all about perspective: “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth” (Colossians 3:2). The world needs to give itself a break. We have done the best we can for over two years and have even come a long way. Prayers of thanksgiving for the Lord’s stronghold during this time and for the promise of a new year and a new hope.

Lord, hear our prayers to maintain a perspective of what is really important in the present.  Prayers to focus on you above not the dwellings on earth. Lord, shine your light in, on and through us; for your glory and promise of a new year and a new hope.

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