My Christmas Birthday Baby

By Sarah McDonald

A few years ago, I wrote about expecting my second baby around Christmas and how it helped me reflect on Mary’s experience in Advent. In some ways, that Advent nine years ago seems like just yesterday and in others, a lifetime ago.

This month, my #2, my older daughter, turns 9, and she is becoming quite a young lady. It’s funny though because when I found out I was having her, I had all these dreams about how she would be like me and the things we would do, yet, so much of her is so different from me – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You know what they say about God laughing at plans!

My #2 was the best Christmas gift, and she continues to be a gift each and every day. She has taught me more about myself and is a constant lesson in compromise. Anyone who knew the younger version of me would have never dreamed my little girl would be an athlete, playing soccer and softball with ease, but yet, here we are!

God absolutely knew #2 was just the little girl for us, and I am so grateful that he has blessed me with being her mom. I hope she knows how much I love her, even though birthday parties the week between Christmas and New Year’s never work out quite right.

So, happy Christmas birthday #2! You are loved, you are a blessing, and you are a gift!

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