Sunday, A Day of Rest

By Ana Borden

This past weekend, one of my sisters came into town for a long weekend visit. We had dinner with our parents every night, and even had a beignet run and playground fun Saturday morning.

On Sunday, we attended Mass as usual and, that afternoon, we celebrated Christmas early as a family. My sisters even compiled a series of Christmas-inspired games for the little ones, endless desserts and a Christmas inspired photo booth.

It was the most restful and fun weekend I had in probably years.

While our youngest napped during the weekend, I completed housework and obligations to meet my family’s immediate needs for the start of the week and purposely held off on the responsibilities that could hold off another day or two. Thankfully, our mom took on the major work of cooking and preparing daily feasts for everyone.

Despite being beyond normal business hours and days, my phone and emails still buzzed with client’s inquiries, but after assessing no emergencies, I refocused on my family and my personal responsibilities to them.

After starting Monday more restful than usual, I had to ask myself, “Why are some of us programmed to work all the time, always feeling ragged?”

Oftentimes I feel like I am not deserving of rest. As a problem solver, I am usually called by others in all facets of my commitments to resolve problems, needs and desires.

But even God, the Creator of all things, took a day off. God calls us to take a break as we all are deserving of a day of rest, or at least a day to slow down, rejuvenate in spirit and energy before the start of another week and fill our hearts with time worshiping our Savior and spending it with family.

How do you keep the Sabbath holy and restful?

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