Above the Clouds

By Kristen Bourgeois

Several years ago, I was waiting on a flight while a thunderstorm settled over the airport. Dark clouds, rain, wind, lightning and thunder. The lightning and thunder moved on quickly, but the dark clouds and rain lingered.

When it was deemed safe, passengers were allowed to board the plane. My flight was headed to a smaller airport, so we had a smaller plane. A smaller plane means not using the traditional covered jetway. Passengers had to exit the terminal and brave the low, dark cloud cover and rain to climb uncovered stairs onto the airplane.

Once on the plane, the usual procedures occurred. As the plane took off and ascended into the air, we climbed through the dark clouds and rain and popped out above the storm. Above the storm, the sun was shining bright, and the sky was a bright beautiful blue.

I stared out the window amazed. I guess I didn’t realize how weather systems worked or maybe just never really gave them a second thought.

But it was at that point, God was using this weather system to communicate with me. The sun/son was always present, even during the dark clouds and stormy weather I was experiencing in my own life.

Hope is an important virtue that keeps us grounded in an important truth. We might have to wait out a storm, but we can rise above the storm with the grace of God.

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