Do we need a reformation in our lives

By Greg Zambrano

Do we need a reformation in our lives? After a long time of doing things the same way, how are things working out?

Some things are good, and some maybe not so good. Having a clear goal is important. In a spiritual sense, our goal is to do our best not to offend God by sinning. We should cooperate with his graces to, one day, make it to heaven.

At home, my daughters tend to leave a room and forget to turn off the lights. I always joke and ask if they have selective light amnesia. It is puzzling, though, because they never forget to ask for dessert after dinner. While not a big deal – I end up turning off the lights myself – it is important to remember to turn off all lights and appliances not in use so your light bill isn’t sky high. Thinking about it, it seems small, but I’ll add this to my prayer intentions.

I started placing other small things in my prayer life for the benefit of all – we pray the rosary weekly as a family, something I hope we do every Saturday; I started the Novena of Our Lady of Sorrows, hoping to pray it perpetually; and I’ve slowed the speed that I pray the rosary. These three changes have helped me immensely, and I’m very happy to have done them.

I look to inspirational reformers in the church such as St. Teresa of Avila, a doctor of the church, who reformed the ancient Carmelite order. Her story is one that many have used as inspiration and a blue print for change. Be inspired by the saints, and divine inspiration will come to you.

If things are not heading in the right direction, take a break and find quiet time. See what is important to God for you and your family to help them get to heaven.


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