What do the holidays mean to you?

By Gavin Lewis

As a family of six, it is always interesting, this time of year, listening to my children talk about the various reasons they are looking forward to the holidays. At the top of the list are gifts, time off from school and more time watching TV/iPads.

Over the years, as the kids have gotten older, we have begun to align their focus for the real reason for each season.

We take time, when the holiday season begins, to outline what we are thankful for and how God has blessed us. This leads us to setting our goals and what we are going to work towards in the upcoming year.

We found it important to make time for our family to bond and discuss God’s word, the blessings we have and the ones we’re expecting.

During this time, we also profess our love for God and what that means.

We were in a coffee shop not too long ago, and there was a table with sticky notes that people had begun to write messages for others to read. My youngest daughter unprompted, wrote “I love God, you should too.”

It made my wife and I feel great, knowing that we are embedding the love of God in our children, and, that at a young age, they have learned to profess that faith, especially during this holiday season, when getting gifts could easily be their focus.

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