The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

By Gina Sternfels

As my youngest son, Christian, prepares for Confirmation, he chose St. Padre Pio as his saint, a great model of faith and dependence on our Lord.

“Today, I will reach up as high as I can. And God will reach down the rest of the way,” St. Padre Pio said.

At Confirmation, God wants to bless Christian with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We all have the beautiful opportunity to ask God for a stirring of the Holy Spirit in us. So, every chance I can, I want to take advantage to strengthen and deepen my relationship with him.

It has taken many life struggles and events that led me to seek out God more in my life.  I have been amazed at the awareness gained in my life because of his love. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I have learned so much from bible studies, authors I love, ministry classes and then putting it into daily action.

It has me open to more in my life and for my family.

I did not truly understand the gifts that were given to me in eighth grade when I was confirmed. God had given me so much that was I was not using. Thankfully, our “father” does not take them away, but he leads us to him and on a path of discovery. So, when I was ready, I was open to receiving those graces from him.

My son has seen this transformation in me and even asked many questions about it. As a result, he is blessed to have a better understanding of his upcoming Confirmation.

His maturity and firsthand experience of seeing the Holy Spirit at work in our family’s life will assist him in his future. Hopefully, it will remind him when he needs to go to the father and know it will be reciprocated with his loving grace and mercy.

Our Catholic faith is a forever journey of God reaching down and guiding us to our gifts when we want more of him. I am honored to witness my son’s Confirmation and his relationship strengthened with the Holy Spirit in his life. Thank you, Jesus!

St Padre Pio, pray for us.


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