A Saint for Every Season

By Megan Lacourrege

Megan Lacourrege

As a cradle Catholic, pictures, statues and stories of the saints have been backdrops to my daily life. However, it was at my sacrament of confirmation that the saints really became personal.

I had narrowed my choices for confirmation patron saint to a handful. I was very drawn to St. Brigid of Ireland. I felt a deep connection to her, but I was still unsure.

One day, I had the idea to see if any saint I was considering had a feast day on my birthday, Feb. 1. My teenaged self thought it was a good idea to tell God that – if it was on the same day – I’ll take that to mean I should pick that saint. Turns out St. Brigid’s feast day was on my birthday. 

I had put such emphasis on choosing a confirmation saint, but afterwards, I thought, maybe St. Brigid chose me? Maybe, unknown to me, she had been praying for me for years. 

That began my journey into intentionally fostering relationships with the saints. When I felt discouraged in finding my vocation, I prayed for St. Joseph’s and St. Patrick’s intercessions. Not only did I discover a four-leaf clover stuck to me on the final day of the novena, but I met the man who became my husband that very evening. 

My husband taught me about St. Teresa of Avila, who’s become my spiritual sister. We share a Hispanic heritage and a passion for writing. Her ability to overcome social trials with the help of God encourages me.

A whole team of saints have had my back through the years. For every season of my life, there’s been a saint to befriend who understands me. 

And they never cease to amaze me by their selflessness. They pray for me in God’s presence, not because they gain anything by it, but because they love me. 

They reveal what heaven means: becoming like Jesus in humility, being immersed in God’s love and sharing that grace freely. And, for that, I’m eternally grateful.

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