A Bouquet of Flowers

By Ana Borden

Recently, my husband arrived with four beautiful orange canna lilies. It was a tiny bouquet in comparison to previous ones he had brought me, but the significance was more profound than any other.

He stopped by multiple stores to find the perfect ones in the same color from our wedding. The time, energy and thoughtfulness exceeded any other material gift he had bestowed on me. His gesture reminded me that even though we may be gifted larger often exorbitant gifts, remembering and focusing on smaller, oftentimes nominal, ones, may evoke more emotions and thoughtfulness than expensive or over-the-top purchases.

The recent shortages and reports of delays on material items have already initiated panic, it seems, for the upcoming holiday seasons.

Encouraging experiences, time with family members and, most importantly, thoughtfulness, have always been a favorite in our family’s memories. An in-law member’s questions about gift purchases for our children in mid- September initiated the anxiety in me, sooner this year, of the whirlwind that has become equated with the Christmas season.

Even though the thoughtfulness was appreciated, my husband’s timing of the bouquet reminded me to step back, take a deep breath and remind myself of the true reason for the season.

Could the recent demands on supply and today’s recent environment actually be God revealing himself to us and reminding us to think of gift giving in a more creative, profound and time-provoking direction that inspires and pays attention to the emotional and spiritual needs and desires of our loved ones?

Perhaps we will be seeing Christ more in our household in the form of creating memories, for example, by baking cookies for others, making homemade ornaments, hosting dinners or delivering plants, paintings and even bringing back to life family heirlooms.

What creative and thoughtful gestures and “gifts” do you plan to share to your loved ones this upcoming Christmas Season? Let us know at nolacatholicparenting.org.

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