Do You Practice Thankfulness?

By Ty Salvant

The holiday season carries with it an air of gratitude or desire to count one’s blessings, making it a perfect time to start new traditions and habits. A “Thankful Pumpkin” is a newer trend that helps encourage the positive practice of gratitude with the entire family.

During the month of November, gather as a family to discuss what you are grateful for. Select a few items to add to your Thankful Pumpkin! This is a great way to engage family members in meaningful conversations, learn what each of you appreciate most and cultivate a screen-free family activity.

I have created a printable that you can use as an alternative to purchasing a pumpkin. You can print one large one to fill out as a family throughout the month, print a new one as often as you fill them up together or even print one for each family member to write on daily.

Don’t over think or get stuck in the weeds; the focus should be on cultivating an attitude of gratitude in an engaging and festive way.

If your family schedule does not allow everyone to eat dinner together, have this discussion during breakfast or just before bedtime. If someone is traveling during the month, they can call in their responses. Keep a marker, crayons, pencils or special writing utensil on or near the table so you are not looking for it each evening. Use a pen or marker that you have multiple of if you prefer a more uniform aesthetic.

November isn’t the only month we should be practicing thankfulness, but it’s a great time to start! Let me hear from you if you observe positive changes in your family as you intentionally focus on all you have to be grateful for.



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