Pray the Rosary

By Kim Roberts

As October and the month of the rosary draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the goals I set for this month and did not achieve.

As the month approached, I told myself I would pray the rosary every day without fail. I planned to deeply meditate on the mysteries and pray from the mind, body and soul. Well, all of those lofty goals did not come to fruition as life got in the way. I know, that is not an excuse, but it is the truth.

Could I have done a better job with praying the rosary this month? Yes, I could have. But, instead of beating myself up, I think I should try and focus on what I was able to accomplish in October.

I did pray the rosary more this month than usual, and I did really think about what I was doing, mindfully praying instead of by rote.

I was more thoughtful in the process and reached for my rosary more often than usual. I felt like I needed the rosary to get through several things that unfolded throughout October. It was a source of comfort and hope for me many nights, and days. I know as a practicing Catholic this should come as no surprise to me, but I needed a little refresher, I guess.

I have decided to incorporate the rosary into my and my family’s lives on a more regular basis. I have started carrying a rosary in my purse again, keeping one next to the couch and next to my bed. If I can’t pray the whole rosary at once, I break it up into smaller parts. If I’m upset or worried, I pray until I feel better. Sometimes, I fall asleep saying the rosary.

I have found myself telling my daughter when she is anxious or upset that she should pray a decade of the rosary and meditate.

So, even though I did not reach my October goals, I did make some spiritual strides that have brought me peace and joy.

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