Grateful for the Best Church Ever

By Gina Sternfels

Mass had just ended, and my son, Ivan, exclaimed, “This was the best church ever!”

It is a true treasure for my son to have the ability to share that thought with me at the most perfect timing. I love when I hear my son say unique phases that he puts together and not question his intent. I totally agreed with him.

This was our first Mass back in our home parish after evacuating from Hurricane Ida. While our evacuation was more of a vacation, it felt good to be back to where we belong and to be present to experience that moment in gratitude with him.

Most of the time, I must be sure Ivan means what he says, because with autism comes many communication challenges for us. He has begun to surprise me, and I want more!

I have learned to acknowledge that in moments like this, the Holy Spirit moves in our lives. I always want to remember to say in such appreciation, “Thank you, Jesus!”

Do you get the opportunity to be present and aware of the Holy Spirit moving in the little moments of your day? Today, try to look and expect to see it in some way.

God is always speaking to us throughout our days. So, be blessed with the beautiful sense of peace and affirmation at that moment and just tell him, “Thank You.”

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