God’s Unconditional Love

By Charlotte Phillips

The other day after dropping my daughter off at ballet, my middle son and I made a quick trip to Target. As we were pulling into the parking garage, I noticed an elderly couple going to their car. The wife sat in her wheelchair as her husband lovingly pushed her chair. The husband smiled joyfully as he slowly pushed her closer and closer to their car.

As they approached the uncovered parking lot, the wife tried to open her umbrella. When her husband noticed her struggle, he slowly took a few steps back so that she would not get wet. The smile on both of their faces only grew larger as he opened the umbrella and handed it back to her. My heart filled with joy as I watched their interaction.

As I saw their love for each other from my car, I started to daydream about their life. While I am sure this couple had struggles in their relationship, the love they have for each other is so big it was visible to a stranger in a Target parking lot.

In prayer later that night, I was thinking about this couple and the love the husband showed for his wife. God loves me like the husband loves his wife, I thought. At first, I felt unworthy of such love, but my unworthiness was quickly replaced with humility and gratitude.

Our God, full of unconditional love for each of us, is always with us. We are never alone. God lovingly pushes us in the direction we need to go, stopping and taking a few steps back when we need shelter. When we face the “storms” in our lives, God is there offering us protection just as the husband offered his wife protection from the rain.

When has God offered you shelter? When has God protected you from the “storms” in your life?

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