Tradition Accentuates Christ While Tying the Knot

By Megan Lacourrege

This September, I had the joy of standing in my cousin’s wedding. The whole evening was beautiful. I was most intrigued that, during the ceremony, the couple chose to tie what’s called a “unity cord.”

The cord was made of three strands of rope each converging from a different direction, symbolizing the bride, the groom and God.

As the couple braided the ropes together, they were reminded that their relationship is intricately woven with God. They remembered that they are meant to love each other as Christ loves the Church. And they were encouraged that they are not alone on their journey into marriage. They have God helping them along the way.

It was most fitting, then, that the completed cord formed the pillar of the cross, the ultimate symbol of love and sacrifice.

My cousin’s wedding was the first I’ve been to since the start of the pandemic, and it sure had me reflecting on the last few years. All of the joy, sorrows and everything in between soared through my mind. I thought of all the ways that God has been present to us. I prayed for my cousin and her husband to be wrapped in God’s presence in good times and in bad.

When I was younger, I used to wonder why people cried at weddings. I think I get it now.


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