By Ty Salvant

Since the storm, I have heard people talk about a desire to get back to ‘normal’, at least as ‘normal’ as life during a pandemic is. Instead of getting back to normal, let us look for an opportunity to do better. 

I do not know about you, but there are a few habits that I would like not to return to. Inevitably, there were things you did out of habit that did not serve God, you or your family well. Think of one or two habits that you can replace which would improve your quality of life. 

For Hurricane Ida, we evacuated to an Air B-n-B which was clutter-free. We had an opportunity to experience a life without all of our excess stuff, and it was freeing. Since we have been home, we are clearing our clutter. We have lots of clothes, shoes, household items, books, games and toys that we can donate to those who need them to replace things they lost in the storm. 

I also had time to reflect on how I use the gifts God gave me and reevaluate my current investments. Besides a shift in priorities, I have explored the return on investment in many areas. While it is easy to get stuck in any area, career, poor eating habits, ministry or volunteering, it is vital to reassess periodically how you are spending your time, talent, and treasure. 

If a project, group, organization no longer aligns with your values, if the mission does not provoke you to share it with others or if a ministry you once loved now brings you stress, those are all signs that maybe you should be doing something else. Spend time discerning where God is calling you to be or what he is calling you to do. 

What is one habit that you can incorporate into your new normal that would help you to be the best version of yourself? 

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