The Rosary

By Kristen Bourgeois

The rosary was never my go-to prayer. Mostly because I have a hard time sitting still for the time it takes to complete the rosary.  But, as I continued my faith journey, I began incorporating into my prayer life.

I began saying the rosary while doing other things. Mostly while commuting from the north shore to the south shore for work, while doing the dishes or just about any other household task.

It wasn’t until I was away from home on a work trip that I got the inspiration to pray the rosary – to truly pray the rosary with no other tasks being done. I took out my rosary, sat on the sofa in my hotel room, closed my eyes and began to pray.

And, something amazing happened! As I prayed, I had a memory of when I was in the adoration chapel a few years prior tearfully praying during a particular difficult time in my life. I could see myself, and I could see our Blessed Mother sitting and praying beside me.

It was such a special moment in prayer for me. It made me realize a very important component of prayer. It was in that present moment of prayer that I realized that am never alone in prayer.

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