Who is my faithful servant?

By Gina Sternfels

I am blessed to have “Jesus Girls & Coffee” in the morning, and we get to learn together how to be his faithful servants. They are other Catholic mom friends that help me prepare my mind and heart for the day.  In the past, we have done daily devotions and bible studies. Recently, the Holy Spirit has led us to do the Lectio Divina together.

Honestly, I had not fully understood what a Lectio Divina was until we dug in deep to learn together.

So, even though we think as parents, we believe we need to know it all. We don’t!

We are more of an example to our families – choosing to be a life student open to learning or that faithful servant responding to the call.

I have learned the Lord has so much more to share with me.  My understanding only came by going through this process of giving him the time and learning to listen.

When my children see me in a ministry class, learning a new prayer or singing praise and worship, they are seeing me use my gifts. They will get their cups filled when mine is overflowing.

Keeping my eyes on the Lord shows them God is truly present in our lives.

Does that mean I am perfect at it? Nope!

I am more likely to go to him quicker in those times of stress. For us, it may be an autism moment in our home, dealing with or becoming the impatient person or having those challenging life moments.  I do not have to be alone at that moment. I go to what he spoke over me that morning.

I can allow God to give me his presence and peace and show me that real self-care is being that faithful servant. It’s as if he is saying to me, “I am here for you. Blessed, are you … stay faithful in me. When you care for yourself, my daughter, the way I care and love my church, you are caring for your family.”

Then my heart settles in God’s peace as a verse comes to my mind.

“… as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15.

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