Play Ball

By Ana Borden

For the past 2½ months, it seems as if there has been nothing but baseball, baseball and more baseball in our household – from on the field to watching every kid-appropriate baseball movie.

We learned, via watching “The Rookie,” that St. Rita was the unofficial baseball patron saint. We became true followers of her story. I pinned her medal inside my son’s baseball bag, and he became dedicated praying her prayer card every evening. He told me, as he waited to bat, that he found himself praying to her for guidance. He and his team won the series for his age group in our parish, so one may say his prayers were answered!

Growing up, our home was on a double-deep lot, and summer breaks were all about playing baseball while the Atlanta Braves or Cub games played in the background. We always looked forward to my dad’s conventions in Houston to attend an Astro game or two. Some of my favorite memories living in Chicago revolved around watching the Cubs play at Wrigley Field. (As an architect that stadium always took my breath away – it’s as if you are right there, in the middle of the game.)

When our oldest son began playing baseball, I just loved the idea. It was nostalgic for our entire family. My dad’s fondest childhood memories revolve around baseball – before his life changed forever upon the occupation of Fidel Castro and the Communist Party in Cuba.

Preparing for this season, especially for the All-Stars series, it brought me much joy to see my dad practice with him, watch televised games together and to have my parents attend all of his games.

Every once in a while, I would catch him smiling to himself. His answer, every time I asked him why, would be, “Because, Mama, I got to play baseball!”

Joy doesn’t even begin to convey what baseball brought our household this summer. But, most importantly, what lessons it taught us along the way: the impact of teamwork, bringing families together and just some good old fashion fun.

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