The World Today

By Kim Roberts

As the events of the world unfold around me and my family and I watch with utter disbelief what is transpiring, I find myself searching for answers and finding solace in my faith. 

I do not know how I could live in these ugly, turbulent times without my faith. 

I recently read a 1974 article written by Archbishop Fulton Sheen where he predicted the slow decline of Christianity with the symptoms stemming from the breakup of the family, divorce, abortion, immorality, violence and general dishonesty.  

Sounds pretty familiar. 

He went on to say that, “We will live in it from day to day and we will not see the decline, we will get used to things and accept them as rule.” 

The tendency is to stoop down to meet the world, not lift up the world. 

So many people are afraid of being unpopular, so they go with the mob instead of holding fast to their morals, ethics and faith and what they know to be right. 

At my house, we have had many discussions, some more heated than others, about the state of our society and what we could and should do to improve things. In addition to going to Mass, praying, being empathetic and kind to others, finding peace in our own hearts is a great place to start.  

Social peace and world peace are extensions of individual peace, and we have to first be right with God before we can begin to be right with our fellow man. 

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