In Her Hands

By Charla Misse

Today, I recalled the Wedding Feast at Cana, one of my favorite mysteries of the holy rosary.

It gives me confidence that our Mother Mary, so beautiful and compassionate, will intercede on behalf of me and my husband when we are in need. Her son, filled with devotion and love for his holy mother, will, in turn, bless us with whatever is lacking.

A quick thought occurred to me in prayer on this occasion. I considered that the wedding couple in this Bible passage, reveling in the occasion of their marriage and entertaining their guests, might not have realized the wine had run out when Mary asked Jesus to help. Because we know that Mary wished to save the couple from embarrassment, it is possible that she foresaw their need before they were aware.

Similarly, we may be distracted and unaware what we need. Yet, if we place ourselves and our marriage into the hands of Mother Mary, if we invite her into our marriage, she will not only recognize what is lacking but also intercede for us.

We can be sure of this as she is the most loving, compassionate and generous of God’s creatures.

It was subtle, but at this moment, I was called to consciously renew my invitation to our Mother Mary into our marital relationship. And, with our child being the greatest blessing to result from our union, I place my whole family into her hands so that she may entrust all of us to her beloved son Jesus.

In doing this, I can be confident that she will address any shortfall. The Mother of God opens her immaculate heart to all those who call upon her.

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