The Gift of Fog

By Stacy LaMorte

My best friend has breast cancer. I have had a really difficult time wrapping my head around all of this and even typing those words causes me to bristle. She has already had surgery to explore the area, remove the cancer and reconstruct her body. Now, she is on the chemo part.

After going through months and months of unsuccessful infertility treatments years ago aside from one miscarriage, she has had the foundation of her faith shaken. And now this.

She and I have been spiritual support for one another for decades now, and it is difficult for me to watch what she is going through and not feel some sort of “survivor’s guilt.”  I have three healthy children and a cancer-free body.

I just talked with her this morning, and she is feeling awful: bouts of queasiness, light-headedness, and she said she feels like she is just “in a fog.”  She had spoken with another friend who has experienced both cancer and pregnancy, and she said that this fog feels very much like being pregnant. I said that I remembered that fog too, even though my most recent pregnancy was over 12 years ago.

There is a blessing in that fog, though. God wants us to rely on him solely. He wants us to put our faith in him and his master plan.

When you are driving in fog, you must be focused, patient and take things as they come –  you cannot see far into the distance.

The best advice I could come up with this morning when we spoke was to try to see the fog as a blessing that only allows her to take one day at a time, relying on Our Father to know exactly what she needs every day. Sometimes, fog is a gift.

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  1. Beautifully said…..Stacy you will give Laila the encouragement and strength to “drive through the fog”!
    God Bless You!🙏

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