Include God in your summer respite

By Gavin Lewis

As an educator, the last day of school brought me joy for many reasons. But the most rewarding things about that day was that I could grab my phone and turn off all three or four of my daily alarms. 

For a few weeks, I could rest past 5:30 a.m., and my schedule allowed me to have some time to myself.  Every minute of every day was no longer scheduled with the many things that would normally keep me busy. 

My brain began to go into a rest-and-relaxation mode, which, at times, caused me to forget what time it was some days.  

However, the few alarms I did not turn off were those that kept me actively involved with church – whether it is going to weekly Mass or other weekly church functions.  

Even during the summer months, it remains important for my family to stay committed to God. The 1 Kings 8:61 Scripture reminds us to be fully committed to God at all times. 

I know that it can be easy during summer months to get away from your regular routine and allow the kids as well as yourself to take a break, but remember that our relationship with God requires us to consistent in our praise to him. 

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