The Act of a Wave

By Ana Borden

Recently, we traveled to Disney World. Face coverings were still required and hiding cast members’ smiles, however there was still a sense of recognition thanks to a friendly hand wave. 

As Americans we are used to this gesture, and, as customary, we wave and acknowledge back, which is a sign of recognition and acceptance.

Thinking of this gesture made me reflect on signs we identify with and commit to as followers of Christ. 

From drawing a fish as a password or secret symbol signifying our faith during the 1st century, to making the sign of the cross, Catholics have always been surrounded by symbols and signs that reflect acceptance of our faith and serve as recognitions to others of our commitment to our faith and a movement that is a prayer. 

These simple movements convey our relationship to Jesus and our commitment to our beliefs while illustrating the church’s teachings and the power and meaning these gestures have in our Catholic faith.

What other gestures or signs do we do as Catholics to signify our faith?


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