Holding God’s Hand

By Stacy LaMorte

As I was walking into school on yet another rainy morning this week, I was following behind a preschooler and her mother. They were both decked out in their rain boots and ponchos, and mom was carrying an umbrella. She was holding her daughter’s hand with her free hand as they made their way down the long sidewalk in the steady rain.

As puddles collected on the sidewalk, the little girl was mainly focused on the ground, taking time to be sure she stepped in every little pool of water she came across. She would then look up at the rain, get her face wet and focus on the puddles again as they walked and talked.

It reminded me of how our faith in God should be – both for ourselves and for our families. That little girl knew that her mother was not going to let anything bad happen to her. If there had been some sort of danger or peril, she would have guided her out of the way.

God has that same parental concern for us. The key is being open to what he is saying and taking time daily to be quiet and listen.

It takes a concerted effort to slow down and see things through the eyes of a child, but it will help you relate to your children in not only the area of wonder and joy, but also with their fears and anxieties.

Take hold of your Father’s hand and let him guide you safely while you take in his wondrous creation. In God we trust.

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