Trust in the Lord

By Kim Roberts

My youngest daughter, just like my oldest daughter, is a competitive cheerleader, meaning she cheers year-round.

Practices start in the summer with competition season kicking off in the fall and going through the new year, culminating with the Super Bowl of cheerleading – The Summit held at ESPN in Walt Disney World.

This season has been challenging, but the gym battled through COVID-19, observed and enforced regulations, participated in virtual competitions as well as a few in person starting in March, finishing with a bid to the big show in Disney.

Since she missed Summit last year, my daughter and her team were over the moon for this opportunity. I have to admit, so was I. Such a fabulous journey to Orlando after the lock downs, competing in a sport she loves and enjoying three days in the parks.

I was nervous about this adventure because of the unexpected – I have been to Disney a dozen or more times and have attended this competition many times, but his time was completely different. I had no idea what to expect and felt some anxiety to say the least.

So, I prayed about our trip and remembered what an awesome experience this was for my daughter. I kept reminding myself that God would take care of us.

All the things I worried about seemed to rectify themselves one after the other. One example was the pick-up line for our park tickets, normally done standing in line in a tent for hours. But, this time, it was a drive through pick up, and we did not have a car and had to Uber through the line. I was stressed about the cost of this endeavor, but upon ordering our Uber my daughter read the driver’s bio and told me he was a Marine Corp veteran.

I immediately knew my prayers were answered as my husband is a Marine vet as well. The driver could not have been nicer, the line took five minutes and cost close to nothing.

Every concern I had or obstacle that we experienced were handled quickly, and any panic I felt melted away. What a valuable lesson for us both – remember to always trust in God and know that he will take care of all our needs especially as we get back to our pre-COVID lives.

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