Seek and Find

By Charla Misse

As I make plans for fun and enrichment this summer, I am inspired to spend some time with the Holy Spirit.  I personally try to recognize “his presence” throughout my day. It’s a very comforting and centering habit that I would like to teach my child. It takes practice, but it can be done at any time and place.

Because it also takes some knowledge of the Holy Spirit’s symbols, I’ve decided to structure various activities to help my child seek and find him. I hope that these experiences will be the beginning of many inspirational moments that will better allow the Holy Spirit to work within my son.

The Holy Spirit is commonly symbolized by a dove, by a flame, by wind and by water. You could spend an afternoon on each of these symbols, first encountering then appreciating or praising.

Some ideas: learn to identify a dove by sight and by sound; light a candle at dinner and watch the flame; to feel the wind, take a nature walk, fly a kite or make a pinwheel for your yard; to see water, go to the beach or the lakefront, walk in the rain or bring a container to church to gather Holy Water for your home.

You might also explore a church or adoration chapel. Look for a dove – sometimes it’s on the ceiling above the altar or in other artwork. Look for a flame – If the sanctuary lamp is lit, remind your family that Jesus is present. Point out the baptismal font where each of us is born into the faith.

Once you have recognized the Holy Spirit’s presence by these symbols, spend time loving him. Maybe writing a prayer or poem, drawing a picture, spending time in meditation, even making a meal or singing a song – whatever resonates with your child and expresses glory and praise.

These kinds of activities present an opportunity to witness his presence and invite the Holy Spirit into your family.

I pray that you and your families find comfort, guidance and strength in the power of the Holy Spirit everywhere you look.

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