Renewing Our Wonder and Awe

By Casey Sprehe

March 2021

Excitedly bringing up the gifts at Mass, Blaise McCaffery is the only kid I know whose smile passes out of his mask. His eyes squinted so hard, his face creases manifold. The kid beams with joy as he brings up the gifts to be blessed at the altar of the Lord.

In just a few months, it will be his turn. He will get to receive his first Communion. 

April 2021

Blaise has been waiting for this day like a modern-day kid waits for his Nintendo Switch on Christmas morning. He knows it is coming. He expects it. He awaits it with eager anticipation. He cries when it is not his turn to receive the Eucharist just yet. He is going to explode, via his smile, it seems, if he does not have the Eucharist soon.  But his turn is coming, it is tomorrow. He says, “I’m so happy I don’t want to go to sleep. I want to get out of bed and go to St. Benilde now.”

May 2021

It is the day. True to form, he is up at 6:30 a.m. asking if he can get dressed in his Easter best because TODAY is the day.  The joy never leaves him. He is truly a living sanctuary.

When asked what it tastes like he says, “It tasted like foam and unleavened bread.” He explained that he has unleavened bread every Holy Thursday with his family. It tasted just like that. Out of the mouth of a babe, Blaise typologically describes the Eucharist. And today, he has said at least a dozen times, “I feel new and happier.”

Renew our wonder and awe Lord, for your true presence in the Eucharist. May we pine for it. May we delight in it. May we become new creations ordered to our happiness found only in You.

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