Never Boring

By Gina Sternfels

Raising a family is quite an experience for us all. For me, my sons always keep me on my toes.

I adopted a motto, “Never Boring.” As silly as it sounds, this simple phrase helps me look at what comes my way and roll with it.  This is better than overreacting, as a mom can sometimes do.  God is having me grow here for sure!

Seeing it as “never boring,” I can laugh and welcome it as an experience or even a gift.

Ivan, my son with autism, must have thought I needed a lot of practice with this skill.  He made sure to flood the bathroom toilet so many times that, to fix it, we had to pull the toilet up, not just plunge it.

So, I am grateful to say I am getting better at going to God in my life at home. I have learned to go to him in those moments, seeking his graces. He assists me in being aware that I am not alone in those moments.

It has been so good for me to know that God is always there for me. There is nothing too small for him.

Our father can help us grow and get us through the challenging moments of parenthood.  Those moments that we can laugh at later and appreciate the lessons learned.

My priest reminds me, on many occasions, that in our vocation of parenting, we can find ways to call on and adore our father at home.

Is there a simple way to call on the “father” in your day?


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