P Kid Popcorn

By Charlotte Phillips

Several months ago, when we got home from school, our oldest son asked if they could play outside and eat popcorn before starting homework. It was such a beautiful day that I couldn’t tell him no!

He went inside to pop the popcorn while his sister and brothers played. When the bowl of popcorn appeared, they all gathered under the oak tree in our front yard. My mama heart filled with joy as I watched my four beautiful children giggle and share their special snack.

Day after day, they would ask if they could eat popcorn and play outside before starting homework. They even got a special “P Kid Popcorn” bowl for Valentine’s Day.

While my children may not eat popcorn every day, they do enjoy time outside when they get home from school. They will have a snack and play with one another. Some days, they even all find a spot to do their homework outside.

I am so grateful that our year of COVID seems to be coming to an end as vaccines become available to more and more people. However, I am also so grateful for the forced slowing down we did as a family because of COVID.

I have a greater appreciation for the simple things, like watching my children sit under a tree and share a bowl of popcorn.

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