Let us Break Bread Together

By Sarah McDonald


Have you noticed that since the world started its assault on bread (and pasta), it seems like a sadder, angrier place?

Think about it, since the war on grain began, mortal enemies have been made of the “opposite” side of one’s ideology, and civil dialogue has become a lost art.

Please understand, I know that there are those that cannot – for medical and health reasons – eat bread. I would never suggest that they do so, but is it just possible the world is “hangry”?

I know when my kids start fighting, fussing or whining, usually bread can soothe this situation. Maybe we should all start eating bread again?

Better yet, maybe we should “break bread” together (in COVID-regulation- approved ways). Wait, breaking bread?  Where else do we hear that? Mass, of course!

It is not lost on me that about the same time bread became the enemy, God was getting more and more aggressively pushed out of public life.

I think it’s time for us, as Catholics, in the “Year of the Eucharist and St. Joseph,” to come back to the Eucharistic table of the Lord and maybe bring some family and friends who might not have been in a while with us.

Then, you can all go enjoy a big bread basket for lunch!

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