A Covenant of Life and Love: Why Children Should witness the sacrament of marriage

By Ana Borden

During the days prior to my sister’s and brother-in-law’s wedding, our children had many questions about the sacrament of marriage, and, of course, about their roles as ring bearers and flower girls.

We were very happy to see their excitement and, most importantly, to see them witness their stunning aunt and her groom exchange vows. Their participation in the ceremony fueled their questions about the vocation of marriage, and their presence was a testament of the beauty of ours.

What I appreciated most about their ceremony was the lack of distractions and noise that often come with lavish wedding parties, vendors and details that distance the couple from the true meaning of the sacrament we are about to witness.

Instead, Mass was celebrated surrounded by immediate family and focusing on the covenant of life and love a couple shares with each other in union with God.

On that beautiful New Orleans fall Saturday morning, surrounded by family and the blessings God has given us, our children experienced and saw for themselves a couple committing themselves to each other and God’s plan.

In today’s society, where movies and the media paint an unrealistic perspective of perfect romantic love, disregard commitment, celebrate the deterioration of family life and violate the sanctity of life, it is even more important that we support and defend the sacrament of matrimony.

We all can do so by changing our expectations of today’s wedding ceremonies and receptions, inviting children to marriage ceremonies, being a day-to-day example with our spouse of what true love is and most importantly support and help unwed couples see the beauty of true marriage. Marriage is commitment, compromise, forgiveness and helping our spouse reach God’s glory in heaven.

How do you support or show a commitment to the Sacrament of Marriage to younger generations?

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