Self-Image is transformed through self-gift

By Megan Lacourrege


I remember first becoming body conscious in elementary school. Girls were called “fat” or “ugly.” Unfortunately, I was in that number many times, and it deeply affected my self-esteem.

I was a bit surprised to discover that this way of making fun of others continued well past school. Most shocking to me was discovering that women treat other women this way. Shouldn’t they know, most of all, how much these insults hurt?

Women and even young girls can have harsh image expectations put on them. In the process, they are objectified. We live in a world that tells women that they need to fit into rather narrow and arbitrary standard of beauty. If they don’t, it is more than reasonable for them to be disrespected and made fun of.

I was months out from having my first child when I received snide remarks about my weight. I was confused as to what my appearance had to do with anyone else. Putting others down doesn’t make us more attractive. I was hurt to have been made to feel ashamed of my body.

Fast forward to now. I am postpartum with my second living child. I definitely dreaded the thought of any more weight comments. 

Yet the Lord has recently opened my eyes to his design. In his grace, he has shown me that all human bodies, male and female, are totally made for self-gift. 

Women gain weight during pregnancy for a reason. If a mother chooses to breastfeed, that stored up weight is what her body uses to produce breastmilk. It is there so that she avoids becoming emaciated and malnourished while feeding her child. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about that.

Our bodies are made to give. That’s what makes them beautiful. When we are able to immerse ourselves in that truth, we may discover that our self-image changes for the better.

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