You CAN Start Over at Any Minute

By Ana Borden

There are 1,440 minutes during the course of every day, and we make numerous decisions that can change the direction of each of our days for better or worse.

God gives each of us the freedom of choice. Like most parents, my husband and I desire for our children to know the difference between making good versus questionable decisions, but, most importantly, have the strength to choose to make the best decision that leads them closer to God.

We try our best to lead by example, listen to our conscience and instill the difference between making good versus poor decisions that can change the outcome of theirs, their loved ones and neighbors’ days.

As I age, I realize even more what an impact something that I consider a small decision makes on my spouse, our family and everyone I am in contact with. Our actions and words cause a ripple effect, whether in a positive or negative way and whether we are cognizant of their effects.

Our inner voice, our conscience, guides us to do good and avoid evil, and we should turn to the Ten Commandments as a guide in our decision making.

Despite these guidelines, parenting challenges arise. This is one reason, in moments where I witness one of our children about to or is or have made a poor decision, to remind them of the statement, “You CAN start over at any minute.”

The beauty of our Catholic faith is that we are reminded, so often, of Jesus’ love for each of us and that he forgives. Each moment is an opportunity for each of us to choose good over evil and continue our goal deepening our relationship with God.

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