Armor Up!

By Michelle Macicek


God gives us all the defense we need in the Bible.

Over the past few months, I have been reminded again and again of the battle we have here on earth. 

Whether it be something monumental we are fighting such as loss, financial stress, division or anxiety or even the ordinary such as laundry, self-doubt, time management or friendships, we are given a choice. We can either fight or give up. 

So, what can we do to prepare for any size battle? We need to armor up! 

God has given us everything we could ever need to fight, and we can find it in his word. There are weapons revealed to us throughout the entire Bible. In Ephesians alone, we find weapons freely given to us at our disposal every day. In chapter 6, we are reminded of “the belt of truth,” “the breastplate of righteousness,” “the helmet of salvation” and “the shield of faith” that we have been gifted by our father. 

So why is it that we leave these weapons that can help us fight the good fight on the shelf? Have we forgotten? 

If we truly remembered what is at stake, we would wake up each morning confident in what we have as children of God and be ready for battle. 

Sister Miriam Heidland has a saying, ”Too often, we head into battle wearing a Speedo and carrying a water gun.” This image is hysterical and also sad because she is right! 

Let’s open the Word of God and remind ourselves of the weapons we have! Let’s armor up! 

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