By Kristen Bourgeois

Our family just watched the new movie, “Soul,” on Disney+.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching and then coming back to read this blog because there are definite spoilers up ahead.

The premise behind this movie is not one that is hard to understand, and there are a lot of take a ways from this movie. Joe is the main character – a middle-school band teacher who would rather be playing music as a full-time gig.  Joe meets 22, a pre-born soul, after he dies.

In an attempt to get back to his body on earth, Joe tries to help 22 find her “spark” and her “purpose” for living.  (I know, I know, there isn’t sound Catholic teaching here, but it’s just a movie.)

Sometimes, we confuse our spark (interests) with our purpose.  And, it can be dangerous to do so.  Because, what if our spark wears out or isn’t attainable in a particular season of life?

I know, for most of my life, I have confused my spark as my purpose. But our purpose, one that never wears out and is always attainable whatever season of life we are in as Christians, is to follow Jesus Christ.

Not only should our purpose be about following Jesus Christ but also encouraging and positively mentoring those in our family and in our little piece of the world.

What was so profound to me in this movie was how they portrayed the destructive force of discouragement when 22 becomes a lost soul.  She repeats to herself all the negative things people have said to her. And she believes these things about herself.

But Joe, spoke encouragement to 22. How beautiful a thing how positive mentorship will inspire others to live out their purpose.

How am I positively mentoring those in my family? How am I being a positive Christian witness to those I encounter daily?


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