Do Your Job

By Charla Spalluto Misse

As a parent, I think our job is to get our children into heaven …  not the “right” school or the “best” clubs, which are wonderful goals. The primary focus, so hard to keep in a noisy and secular world, should be on the ultimate prize – eternity with our loving father, God.

When I am making a decision to pursue a new direction for my child, I always place the outcome in God’s hands, asking that his will be done. I pray that this endeavor comes to pass only if it will keep my son on a path to realize God’s will for him and will bring my son closer to him.

When you feel yourself getting caught up in doing what’s “right” for your child, in striving so hard to make something happen for them, take a moment to surrender to God. Allow him to work in your life so that the best outcome happens. It may not be the result you were targeting.

Pray that, no matter the outcome, you will allow God’s will to be done, and you will receive it with faith, grace and courage.

As parents, we try so hard to provide the best for our children and may sometimes feel discouraged. Ultimately, if you are steering them toward heaven, be heartened to know that you are doing your job!

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  1. After watching my Sunday mass with Fr. Tony Richard I opened my phone to your site, the Lord took me there. When I opened your site it said “do your job” February 14, 2021. I felt it was my daily “message from God”. My message to parents is that they are the first and foremost teachers of children. The first thing you should do is to teach your children to love themselves. Christ teaches us how to save our immortal souls. He said, “love God and love yourself.“ Take issue with that if you must, but Know that you will be incapable of loving anybody or any neighbor if you do not love yourself. Dr. Al Gourrier The Love Doctor

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