Young girls ablaze with faith

By Michelle Macicek

Last summer, a dear friend and I were inspired to pilot a small bible study for our middle-school daughters. We had both recently purchased a bible study book for our girls and, in talking about starting it with them, the Spirit led us to get a few girls together and go for it. 

While praying and discerning how and when to get started, we came up with the idea of actually asking high school girls to lead the group and become prayer partners for the younger girls. 

This idea was honestly a little selfish on my part since I have two high school aged girls, but little did I know what God had in store. The high school girls we reached out to took this endeavor and ran with it! They came up with ice breakers, different ways to pray and started small group messages with their prayer partners to stay connected in between meetings. 

We decided to call our group “Blaze,” and the name is completely fitting. 

The excitement these girls have to come together once or twice a month to grow their relationship with each other, and most importantly with Jesus, is absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

They are on fire for Jesus!

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