Stressed out

By Ty Salvant

When we are stressed out, there is no room for God.

Because we have free will, we can opt to extend God’s grace, or not, at any moment. We can slow down to recognize someone else’s hurt, anxiety, frustration, confusion or not.

Yes, they could slow down to recognize ours too, but we ought not to wait for someone else to make the first move.

Begin each morning with a prayer specifically asking God to grant you the graces you will need to serve and honor him this day. Remember, we are given our daily, not weekly or monthly, portions.

Don’t overfill your day. Leave room in the margin so you have the capacity to play a game.

Let someone go ahead of you, compliment a stranger, help a neighbor, pick up litter, make a donation, help someone with car trouble.

Clearly, there are numerous ways to help. If our days are too full, we literally cannot stop to help someone else. Kindness is contagious; you have no idea the chain reaction that your kind deed will cause.

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