The Gratitude Journal

By Ana Borden

One of the most well received gifts on Christmas Day was a gratitude journal for our oldest child.

During a year where the focus has been one of what went wrong versus what we should be grateful for, it has definitely been a good addition during our nightly routine. In just a few days, I learned a lot about how our daughter was feeling and what events during the day affected her the most.

I couldn’t help but smile that first Christmas evening as she read Jesus being the first of the three listed things that she was thankful for that day. And, internal happiness flowed in me knowing that her family was a common denominator in the days after.

I learned that her youngest brother’s thirst to play and giggle with her brought her joy, as well as the freedom of riding her new scooter being one of the highlights of her physical gifts.

The message of the journal has spawned conversation during the dinner table, and we have learned more about what brings a feeling of gratitude to each of us during the course of the day.

It is truly amazing how highlighting the good and what we are thankful for first has cultivated a change in our perspective of the world around us and helped, even us as parents, consider the simple joys, especially during the Christmas season. It has become a journey that we are thankful for introducing to remind us of the blessings around us.

What are three things you’re thankful for? What person brought you joy today? How did you feel about your day?

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