Glorifying the Lord and loving my neighbor

By Ty Salvant

God has gifted each of us with a variety of talents – mental and physical, personal and social. 

Coupled with our personality, our talents take different forms. Some manifest outwardly as with a singer, while others focus inwardly such as songwriters. But these are all talents nonetheless. 

Some talents are designed to accompany each other while others are freestanding. Regardless, they are all meant to be shared. 

What are your talents? How do you use them? How often? In what capacity?

If you are not sure of your talents, then pray about them or ask others. Reflect on what brings you joy or comes easily to you; consider topics you can talk about ad nauseam? 

Talents may or may not be profitable, useful or conventional; regardless, using our talents honors and glorifies the Lord. 

At a funeral, I heard an amazing singer with a voice that resonated deep in my core. Moved to tears by witnessing this man use his gift to console a grieving family and honor God, I could not help but wonder what a wonderful world it would be if every person used his or her talent more.

Join me on my journey to honor God and love my neighbor more fully by using my talents of leadership, compassion and creativity.

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