‘Bluey’ on Disney+: Choosing the better part

By Kristen Bourgeois

There are a lot of children’s television shows nowadays. So many options. And they all fall into different categories.  

Some have great quality when it comes to learning and problem solving. Some are shows that have no value at all. Then there is another group of TV programing that is good but is totally obnoxious to us parents (I’m looking at you, “CoCoMelon”).

But there is one TV show that my boys and I love, which I highly recommend. It’s “Bluey” on Disney+.  

The premise of the show is pretend play that the whole family engages in while covering the dilemmas of having a young family. Dilemmas like when a toddler misses his or her nap or when a noisy toy is found hidden under the kitchen sink or having to wait on take-out food with restless little ones.  

The show even includes sweet moments between the parents, Chili and Bandit, like sharing a kiss, that the children witness. That is something we often forget is so important for kiddos to witness in their family.  

The show reminds me to choose the better part in our family life –  a recurring theme in my season of life right now with two little ones. It’s important to balance enjoying the moment with household responsibilities. Balance is the hard part, but I don’t want to miss a thing!  

I think St. Gianna Molla said it best: “The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that he, in his goodness, sends to us day after day.”  

So, here’s to putting off cleaning those dishes for now. Go play with your kiddos!


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