Companions on this journey

By Kristy Solis

As we continue this journey through this pandemic, let us be companions on this journey.

Although this has been a difficult crossroad in life, it has affected individuals in many different ways.  Therefore, as we continue, if you have companions or even one companion, it will make this time bearable and worthwhile.  Even though we need to be distanced for safety reasons, companionship is a basic need and when it is not fulfilled, this will lead to emotional and physical issues.  Companionship is the basis of belonging as humans. It is human nature and we need to stride to work even harder to maintain companionship during this unprecedented time.

Roman 12:10 reminds us to be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.  In the midst of 2020, everyone is on edge and the effects are being felt.  When in survival mode, it is difficult to put others before self; however, this will help us to be stronger together instead of weaker because we are divided.  This is a challenge from above, look around see if you can be a companion to someone on this journey.

Lord hear our prayer, help us to remember that we are companions on this journey and we will be stronger together.  It has been a difficult year, please continue to guide us and protect us.  Prayers of strength to be companions on this journey and prayers of healing of the world to lead us to a peaceful future.

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