Mary is a gift to the church at Christmas and always

By Megan Lacourrege

Megan Lacourrege

As I prepared to welcome a new baby amidst the pandemic a few months ago, I was a little perturbed by the uncertainties. What would be the hospital’s protocol? Would we be safe there? Who would babysit our older child?

I turned to Mary a lot at that time, asking our heavenly mother to help guide us and give us clarity. In doing so, I really began to discover the true gift that Mary is to us.

Mary gets it. She was the first human to give an unconditional “yes” to God’s will. She willingly walked through every triumph and trial afterwards. She felt every subsequent joy and sorrow, too.

In particular, Mary helped me reflect on the Christmas story in her perspective: The discomfort of riding on a donkey to another city. The hurt at, in her need, not being helped by anyone. The absurdity to giving birth to God in a barn. The horror of protecting your baby from a murderous man as you flee to another country. 

And, even in the middle of all of that, Mary felt joy at Jesus’ birth. Holding the sorrow and joy in tension, Mary gracefully and radically accepted God’s will in her life.

She wants to teach us all to do the same.

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